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• This game is basically a puzzle type game, where you are a ball and need to reach for the exit door. There are 12 unique levels. Complete a level to unlock the next one. During you play the game, you will find that the levels will become much harder and more interesting. You will need to unlock different doors with keys and also avoid dangerous obstacles! Collect the little white dots to earn points. Each dot will increase your score by 15. Watch out though, if you will touch the skulls your score will actually decrease by 20! Move ball with "ARROW KEYS". Press "SPACE" key to pause the game, press it once more to continue the game.

Move with Arrow Keys.
Pause the game with 'P' key.
Reset the level with 'R' key.

Game Dimensions: 640x400

Game Category: Puzzle, Action, Adventure, Strategy, Other

Movement: Arrow Keys
Fire / Action: Not Available
Jump: Not Available