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• Vital Pipes is an addictive action-arcade game where the rules are simple: You just have to point and left-click on the pipes on the stage to rotate them in order to create a steady flow for the green liquid! Make a path from the start to the end of the pipes. In the meantime, the hand on the left side of the stage will start to slide on its own.

• Your job is to keep that hand in the middle of the bar by clicking and dragging with the left-mouse button. Keep an eye out because if the hand reaches the ends, the pipes will start to rotate randomly and you will have to align them again until the hand is back in the center once again. Don't forget that there is a timer too! If you are fast enough to rotate all the pipes correctly on the stage, then you will get all 3 stars! 2 stars are also fine, even 1, but if you fail to solve the level in time, you will get a Game-Over and you will have to start the level once again.

• You can always return back to the main menu by pressing the 'P' key on your keyboard and then clicking the 'Main Menu' button. 24 unique cool levels awaits you with beautiful colors and 3 funky songs!

Rotate pipes with Left Mouse Button.
Pause the game with 'P' key.

Game Dimensions: 600x400

Game Category: Puzzle, Action, Arcade, Education, Strategy, Other

Movement: Not Available
Fire / Action: Left Mouse Button
Jump: Not Available